Practice Engagement Program (PEP)

Program Subscription Includes

  • Monthly interactive webinars with topics geared specifically towards the challenges faced by podiatrists every day
  • Access to an extensive documentation, compliance resource, protocol development, and training library
  • Membership to exclusive discounts on commonly utilized products, services and liability coverage from dozens of vendors dedicated to our profession (through Podiatric Super Group Management; PSGM)
  • Introduction to additional educational and motivational online resources through the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), an innovative practice management organization developed to assist podiatric professionals at every stage of practice. Plus, PEP subscribers receive honorary membership to IPED just for attending one of their bi-annual accredited conferences!

All of these benefits are available at an affordable monthly fee providing one administrator/physician log-in per subscription/practice.

Monthly Webinars

Each physician/practice subscription will consist of one interactive “Go To Meeting” (accessible via computer log-in or teleconference) per month, with pre-determined topics of discussion. Meeting participants will be able to listen and have the opportunity to engage with other successful and innovative professionals sharing information and learning together.

This will serve as a great benefit to all, as physicians all want to know:

  • What are other practices doing to combat increasing compliance and legislative demands?
  • How can I continue to provide quality care to my patients without treating their wallets?
  • How can I increase my level of efficiency while improving the financial health of my practice?
  • How do I more effectively manage my staff and my responsibilities as a leader?
  • How do I do all of this while maintaining balance and an optimal quality of life?

National expert panelists will participate each month and will vary according to topic. Each session will begin with a general overview, followed by a more detailed discussion, providing answers to frequently asked questions, and offering detailed suggestions and resolutions for the most common frustrations experienced by physicians and practice owners.

Physicians and managers will be encouraged to make suggestions for future session topics, keeping content relevant, and allowing attendees to remain engaged and motivated to make positive changes in their practices. Through this program, participants will learn and grow together in a non-judgmental, educational and eye-opening environment that will serve to dramatically improve the health of the specialty practice now and well into the future.

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