CMS Announcement 3/17/20 with BETTER Option for Non Face-to-Face Services

On March 17th, CMS announced a third option for providing remote services that is much better than the two options I sent to you earlier in the week. Those two options still exist and are unrelated to this new third option (for Medicare Part B Patients only). Keep reading…

Here are the details about the third option:

Providers can now submit CPT 99201-99215 when providing remote services (so no need to change the E/M codes you are billing in your office when providing non face-to-face services, simply use Place of Service “02”). Per CMS, the provider can be in any location and the patient can be in any location.

These are the guidelines:

  • Must use a communication tool that has interactive audio and video (FaceTime and Skype were given as examples)
  • Communication tool must allow real-time communication
  • We are permitted to reduce or waive cost-sharing for these services if we wish
  • Typical HIPAA guidance does not apply to these services as long as we are providing services in good faith
  • No modifiers needed
  • Use Place of Service “02”
  • These will be paid at facility rate
  • This is in place as long as the Public Health Emergency lasts

Download the CMS Fact Sheet here

So, to summarize, we now have three options:

  1. Telephone E/M – if we use phone only
  2. Online Digital E/M – if we use online digital tools only (no video)
  3. Above option for Medicare Part B patients

Here is a video from Dr. Jeffrey Lehrman with more information about all three options:

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