COVID Infection & Exposure Flow Chart

Almost daily I receive calls and emails about a patient who we find out has tested positive after being treated in the office and exposed, and/or potentially exposed employees.

Doctors and managers are asking how they should handle these situations (how many days the employee should be out of work, if they are responsible for paying for rapid testing, etc.). 

As this is all new to me as well, I advise them to follow their local or state health department guidelines and take as many precautions as possible (as quarantine periods and even what is considered a fever can vary from state to state and county to county). 

Linked below, you will find a COVID Infection and Exposure guide which was provided to one of my practices by their payroll vendor according to their county guidelines in CA. I found this information helpful and wanted to share it with you. Stay safe and keep smiling with your eyes behind those masks! 

<< Click here to download the chart >>

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