Webinar Recap: The “ins and outs” of payment processing

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Thank you for joining us on Monday night for another eye-opening Practice Engagement Program webinar!

 Just in case you missed it, here is a brief overview of the content... (as always, webinar recordings and presentations PDFs are available for Pinnacle practices and PEP subscribers in the member-only library). If you haven’t logged in for a while, what are you waiting for?

  • Finding and keeping “good help” and when to outsource (limiting bodies and personality conflicts in the office)
  • Preparing for practice growth (cultivating a positive work environment, encouraging TEAMwork and limiting micro-management)
  • Working ON your practice instead of just IN it (less clinic hours, more control)
  • The true cost of credit card processing and if you're being overcharged
    • The only way to know is to run an analysis of your statement.
    • Left unattended, many processors increase your rates over time. This can become very expensive over time (resulting in multiple percentage points).
    • The truth about Square (paying high premiums for “ease of use”).

As offered during the webinar, Jake Aronson of Pair Payments will perform a complimentary cost analysis to determine what you are actually paying and show you how much you could save with other processing options. Here is how to begin the process:

Go to www.pairpayments.com/practices and submit your statement.

If you have trouble submitting through the website, cannot locate your statement or feel more comfortable contacting Jake directly you may do so via email: j.aronson@pairpayments.com  or by calling: 833-968-7767

Stay tuned for the “Save the Date” email announcing our second June webinar as well as an exciting new concept “Pinnacle Pop-ups”, coming this Fall!





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