The Dirty Dozen | Republished from PM News

PM News and Podiatry Management Magazine recently published an article containing pearls from the industry’s top practice management experts.

Cindy was honored to be included. Author Mark Terry writes,

Delegate Intelligently. It should come as a surprise to no one that podiatric physicians often want to be in control, often to the detriment of their practice – you can’t do everything, after all. Cindy Pezza, President and CEO of Pinnacle Practice Achievement, says ‘You need to delegate without losing touch with what’s really going on in the practice.’ She points out that you should focus on the things only you can do. She also adds that it comes down to practice culture in many ways. ‘I’ve been really focusing a lot on this lately with my practices, especially with the high levels of staff turnover. Really look at the culture of your practice and the environment that you’re creating and get a better hold of who should be doing what.'”


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