Friday Philosophy – “It’s Better To Be Decisive Than Right”

“Do or do not. There is no try” ~ Yoda

One of my biggest pet peeves is indecisiveness and as I get older, I find myself going to great lengths to avoid individuals who simply cannot make up their mind. In my opinion, going out for dinner should be an enjoyable experience, not a logistical nightmare of reading dozens of Yelp reviews, and changing your OpenTable reservation so many times that you end up having TUMS for dessert.

This type of indecision goes much further than a little nighttime “agita.” It causes us to stand in the way of professional success. If I had a dollar for every time, I listened to a doctor talk him/herself out of a gut feeling or miss out on an opportunity because of the inability to make a decision, I would be retired by now.

If you are unsure if you suffer from even mild indecisiveness, ask someone close to you who is averse to sugar coating or ask yourself; Have I held on to a “bad” employee simply because I didn’t want to start the hiring process again? Do I continue to spend money on temporary fixes for office equipment that has seen more presidential races than me, rather than biting the bullet and purchasing a new one?

If either of these scenarios sound familiar, the next time you are stuck in analysis paralysis, think; Will choosing “wrong” be detrimental to my personal well-being or my practice? If the answer is no, just pick something because. . . “It’s Better to be Decisive than Right.

Side Note: If you have to inquire with someone like me about firing an employee who consistently shows up late, calls out 25% of the time and has an eye rolling problem, you have proven my point. Stop talking yourself out of success!

Spring has officially sprung (feeling a lot like summer) so get outside, have a “wicked awesome” weekend and stay tuned for exciting announcements and new benefits for Pinnacle Practices!

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