PEP Membership: Special Introductory Rate

As a thank you for your support and participation, we are offering this exclusive program to you at an Introductory Rate of only $79 per month for the first 12 months.

The normal rate is $99/month.

Pinnacle Practice Achievement’s Practice Engagement Program (PEP) answers the questions that podiatrists are asking.

  • What are other practices doing to combat increasing compliance and legislative demands?
  • How can I continue to provide quality care to my patients without treating their wallets?
  • How can I increase my level of efficiency while improving the financial health of my practice?
  • How do I more effectively manage my staff and my responsibilities as a leader?
  • How do I do all of this while maintaining balance and an optimal quality of life?

What current subscribers are saying

Program subscription includes

interaction of human and devices

Monthly interactive webinars with topics geared especially towards the challenges faced by podiatrists every day.

large library

Access to an extensive resource library (staff training tools, protocol menus, compliance documents, practice manuals, patient education forms, templates and more) continually expanded to satisfy the needs of physicians at every stage of practice.

credit card usage

Exclusive discounts on commonly utilized products, services and liability coverage from dozens of vendors dedicated to our profession.

medical expert

Introduction to top experts in the field specializing in audit defense, HIPAA compliance, cyber security. billing and coding, marketing and more...

assistant being coached

Reduced pricing on hourly coaching and training calls with Cindy Pezza


Member only updates that keep you in the know when it comes to the health of your practice



Each physician/practice subscription will include one interactive “Go To Meeting” (accessible via computer log-in or teleconference) per month, with pre-determined topics of discussion. Meeting participants will be able to listen and have the opportunity to engage with other successful and innovative professionals sharing information and learning together.


National expert panelists will participate each month and will vary according to topic. Each session will begin with a general overview, followed by a more detailed discussion, providing answers to frequently asked questions, and offering detailed suggestions and resolutions for the most common frustrations experienced by physicians and practice owners.


Physicians and managers (those participating in the webinar) will be encouraged to make suggestions for future session topics, keeping content relevant, and allowing attendees to remain engaged and motivated to make positive changes in their practices. Through this program, participants will learn and grow together in a non-judgmental, educational and eye-opening environment that will serve to dramatically improve the health of the specialty practice now and well into the future.

STILL CURIOUS? Here's a couple short teaser videos to show you the inside of our extensive Resource Library.

Sample Webinar Topics

(not limited to)

How to make the most of your clinic hours by maximizing each encounter

The importance of and most efficient ways of obtaining “Benefits and Eligibility” prior to treating your patients

The essential DME items/Ancillary Services to offer to your patients (also to include discussion of additional products and services and knowing which are the right fit for your practice)

Accounts Receivable

Taking alternative, proactive approached to collecting what is owed to you? When to involve collection agencies?

Treating the patient’s condition, not their wallet or insurance card (follow up to benefits and eligibility)

Allowing doctors to diagnose and treat efficiently through patient education, effective use of protocols, and the qualified staff members’ role in effectively collecting what is owed at the time of service

Understanding the process of staying under the radar while realizing that successful practices stand out

  • Ethical/Unethical DME practices and the fine line between

Documenting what you have done and why (medical necessity)

  • What the insurers want to see in your notes (using APMA guidelines and the opinion of experts, suggestions for improved and more detailed charting)

Training and Utilizing Staff members as Scribes

  • What the insurers want to see in your notes (using APMA guidelines and the opinion of experts, suggestions for improved and more detailed charting)

Protocol Development for the most commonly treated conditions within the podiatry practice

  • Techniques for development, implementation, and adherence
  • Measuring the success of adherence through per visit value comparisons and practice metric reporting

Growing your practice/Internal and External Marketing Strategies

  • Capitalizing your business through effective utilization of your patient database
  • Getting found in today’s complex online environment (standing out amongst your competition)

Incorporating and improving your custom AFO program – patient and practice benefits

  • Training staff to recognize patients in need
  • Overseeing the program and succeeding without micro-managing or wasting physician time
  • Staffing levels and determining if you have the right team in place to offer more ancillary services to your patients

The importance of developing and maintaining updated policy, procedure and training manuals

  • Discussion of what needs to be included and detailed
  • How to create a manual that is adaptable to the times and can serve as the basis of your growing practice
  • Using your manual to protect yourself against disgruntled employees

Scheduling Tips and Techniques

  • Table Turnover Theory and How it applies to your Treatment Rooms
  • Staff’s role in scheduling/re-appointing patients and customizing your schedule
  • Determining the clinic hours that meet the needs of your patient demographic

Accounts Payable

keeping a close eye on consumables, fixed and variable expenses in your practice

  • Reliable sources for obtaining the best possible prices for DME, medical supplies and the services you use everyday
  • Maintaining consumable par levels and avoiding inventory management issues
  • Evaluating the worth of your practice
  • Timing and what is involved to determined your practice’s worth
  • Making a solid 5 year plan

DME compliance documentation and ways to simplify the process (to include discussion of diabetic/therapeutic shoe program

  • Obtaining MD/DO required documents (without aggravating your referral sources), the ever important “date last seen”, compliance paperwork expiration dates, timely filing, patient deceased before you were able to dispense, maintaining control of inventory and returns, improving fit rates and choosing the shoe/AFO/DME vendors that offer the best products, pricing and support
  • What Medicare is looking for in the event of an audit or pre-payment audit, and how to respond
  • DME denials, and the details that are most commonly overlooked and sometimes out of your hands
  • The appeals process – when to fight and what to do

Expanding your practice/Making an exit strategy

  • When to hire additional staff or incorporate additional doctors into your practice
  • Determining if you need to expand to additional locations or downsize the locations you have currently
  • The Associates Role in a Practice – Optimizing Niches and Developing a Specialty within your Specialized Practice.
  • Deciding between partnership, selling your practice to the highest bidder fast, or gradually working towards retirement
  • Evaluating the worth of your practice
  • Timing and what is involved to determined your practice’s worth
  • Making a solid 5 year plan

Resource Library Details

(each month documents, forms, and past webinar recordings as well as pdf versions of content are added; members will receive periodic emails to assure they don’t miss anything new)

Protocol Menus

  • Heel Pain
  • At-Risk/Diabetic Foot Care
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Fungal Nails/Skin
  • Warts
  • Ankle sprains/injuries and chronic conditions
  • Neuromas
  • Bunions
  • Flat Feet (children and adults)

Staff Lessons and Quizzes

Available through password protected links

  • Customer Service
  • Common Podiatric Conditions and Terminology
  • Triage Techniques (medical necessity and practice impact)
  • Thorough Patient Evaluations

Sample Staff Training / Miscellaneous Forms

  • Sample Evaluation Sheet
  • Study guide/reference sheet for Common Conditions and Terminology
  • Sample Triage worksheet for front office staff
  • NLDOCAT/Patient Evaluation form

Sample Insurance Related And Front Office Forms / Policies

  • Sample prior-authorization sheet
  • Sample financial policy
  • Sample new patient intake and update forms
  • Sample credit card on file forms
  • Sample orthotic policy

Sample DME Compliance Documents

Pre fabicated devices

  • Rx (Detailed Written Order/DWO)
  • CMS Standards Supplier Form
  • Dispensing Verbiage for all commonly dispensed pre-fabricated DME (per APMA guidelines and recent changes to codes and compliance)
  • Sample Warranty (per CMS Supplier Standards)
  • Pointers for Custom AFOs
  • Dispensing chart note for Pre-fabricated and Custom AFOs
  • LMN Check sheet for pre-fabricated and custom devices (including most common Diagnosis, Treatment (coding for devices and additions), Medical Necessity and Therapeutic Objectives) for submission to Payors (upon request)
  • Updated Patient Acknowledgement/Receipt
  • Sample Complaint Log (per CMS Supplier Standards)

Sample Human Resource Policies

  • Sample employee performance review
  • Sample Ad
  • Sample policy and procedure manual (employee handbook) including:
  • Cell Phone and Social Media Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I change my mind after subscribing? What is the cancellation policy?

There will be a 12-month minimum subscription(via auto-pay) with an opt out with 15 days notice (prior to the next billing cycle depending on when the subscription begins; either on the 1st or 15th of the month). Subscribers who are not current with their subscription payments will be unable to access the library and will no longer have access to Webinars or vendor discounts.

My practice needs more individualized help from Pinnacle Practice Achievement. What other services are offered?

PPA offers private coaching, training and consulting programs(monthly fees are based on level of involvementand scope of work). Prior to beginning a program, the practice will receivea detailed survey to complete. Once completed,a thorough analysis is performedanda formal proposal isdevelopedand submitted back to the practicefor approval. Monthly programs generally range from 3-6 months in lengthand can be modified as less individual assistance is required.

I’m ready to enroll but what if I have questions/issues that are not covered in the resources and webinars provided by PEP?

The documents and trainings provided through the library are self-explanatory, but individual help in adopting changes to protocols, additional staff training needs, etc. will be billed at a rate of $125/hour (discounted from $175/hour for non-members).Subscribers are welcome to email quick questions as part of the program, but for more in-depth assistance,hourly consulting rates would apply. Improving Patient Care Enhancing Practice Health Allowing Physicians to be Physicians Once Again.

Disclaimer: Any and all sample materials provided in this program are intended solely for review by the subscriber. They are not to be duplicated or distributed without the written permission/consent of a Pinnacle representative. All subscribers of PEP will be issued unique log in identifiers that will be monitored for sharing and/or duplicating of materials. Only active subscribers will have permission to view the Pinnacle resource library as well as access to discounts and additional resource assistance through affiliated organizations.