COVID-19: Informed Practices

  1. Yesterday you received an important CMS update allowing podiatrists to provide Telehealth services to Medicare part B patients, using standard E/M coding with Place of Service 02. Today it was relayed that Medicare Advantage plans are now included in this ruling. Private carriers may adhere to the alternative Telehealth service and coding options or even follow suit with CME guidelines (these options were addressed in communications released earlier this week and continue to be available here on my blog), however, I do not feel comfortable commenting with certainty on coverage or reimbursement. Calling provider service lines or visiting individual payer sites with your provider login may provide insight but as you know “approval is never a guarantee of payment.”
  2. Along with the increased need for an interest in providing Telehealth services, the question of HIPAA compliance has arisen and is addressed in the link below. Information kindly provided by Gerald Caussade of HIPAA Complete (

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