99072 Requires Documentation

Following my recent emails regarding CPT code 99072 it has become apparent that many practices have become lax in their COVID-19 screening, visit and follow-up protocols.

As more and more physicians are utilizing this code, and starting to see varying reimbursement from private payers, it is imperative to re-establish protocols and to document the actions you are taking to keep patients, staff members and doctors as safe as possible (justifying reimbursement).

The documentation used when billing for 99072 should be specific to your practice and not just “canned.” Every practice is performing screenings and visit procedures differently. Some are continuing to call patients prior to their visit and asking “COVID questions” while others have gone back to automated reminder systems and are asking patients about potential illness or exposure upon arrival. Some are taking temperatures and others are not. Increased use of PPE, disinfection measures and efforts to maintain “safe” distances in waiting rooms seems to be consistent in every practice, but no matter what, we need to document what is being done (and be able to prove it).

Perhaps the first step is to implement or bring back a questionnaire for patients to complete and sign prior to treatment (also providing the best contact number in the event of accidental exposure; if restaurants do it, we should too). Here is an example of a questionnaire that I helped to create this week. Please feel free to modify it to fit your needs.

<<Click here to download the sample questionnaire>>

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