Keep up your efforts to limit patient contact

In case you are having trouble maintaining patient social distancing in your office (in common areas such as the waiting room) please feel free to use the below linked document and edit to fit your needs. If you are billing 99072 you should document your exact COVID protocols (clearly demonstrating the time, efforts and expenses involved).

I created this “Early Arrival form” for one of my practices after a patient expressed to the doctor that he felt uncomfortable with other patients in the waiting room. This vocal patient provided us the opportunity to alter our current protocols (and we quickly saw improvement).

I understand that there will always be days when unforeseen “hiccups” prevent us from following through with every measure in place to protect patients, staff and doctors, but these types of strategies in combination with conducting pre-visit interviews (New Patient Coordinator’s role) may significantly improve patient flow and decrease contact with every encounter.

<< Click here to download the Early Arrival Form >>

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